The Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary engaged Cornerstone to update its Strategic Plan

Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary (CN-CGA) is Canada’s first Indigenous-led Coast Guard Auxiliary, established in 2018 with support from the Federal Government the CN-CGA provides maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) in coastal British Columbia. In addition, the CN-CGA actively promotes water safety and conducts coastal safety patrols, working in an auxiliary support role alongside the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

Through strong partnerships between eight First Nations, the CCG, and their shareholders, CN-CGA operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring effective maritime SAR services along BC’s coastline.

Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary
Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary team members


The CN-CGA engaged Cornerstone to update their Strategic Plan in a way that reflects the collective needs and desires of Coastal Nations and remain meaningful for years to come.

To achieve this goal: Cornerstone assisted CN-CGA by reviewing current operations, relevant background documents, and Nation perspectives; Facilitating Vision to Action strategic planning sessions; Developing and designing the final Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The outcome of the work between Cornerstone and the CN-CGA was a five-year Strategic Plan to ensure that the organization is “Mission Ready”.

The Plan identifies the strategic priorities of the organization, building on its existing and potential strengths to address the challenges and opportunities it will face.  The result is a Plan that puts “Vision to Action” – all Objectives and Strategies are designed to achieve the Vision of the organization:  “We are Coastal Nations working together to save lives on our traditional waters.”

The Plan lays out the four core Goals for 2022-2026, in order of priority:

  1. Achieve Operational Readiness
  2. Improve Communications and Coordination
  3. Advance Excellence in Administration and Governance
  4. Progress in Growth and Expansion

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Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary on board a vessel at sea

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