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For 50 years, Cornerstone has acted as a trusted advisor to municipalities, Indigenous nations, and non-profits, working in partnership to develop strategic ways forward in their buildings and businesses. We provide frameworks, processes, and expertise to move your ideas forward, feasibly and reliably.

Cornerstone’s process is our product. From visioning through comprehensive engagement and progressive analysis, to thoughtful report writing and feedback, we work with stakeholders at all levels of an organization to uncover efficiencies, determine true needs, and define the right project. We do this all with our values of expertise, teamwork, and service as our framework.

Infrastructure Planning

Defining space requirements for all types of infrastructure, in new builds and renovations. A good facility program defines a project well and early, from one building to a whole asset portfolio.

Organizational Planning

Sometimes, uncertainty can feel more overwhelming than opportunity. Our flexible resource modeling and experience supporting unique organizations with a variety of mandates and clientele helps us to create space for opportunity to be rediscovered.

Indigenous Community Support & Planning

Cornerstone’s community planning experts have worked with more than 24 Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada to help define and achieve strategic visions, goals and objectives based on their values, traditions, culture and capacity.

Indigenous Consultation & Engagement

In Canada, virtually every infrastructure, resource development or industrial project occurs in Indigenous territories, and every successful project includes respectful and honest collaboration with Indigenous communities.


To help clients define and create places that have meaning and value, Cornerstone undertakes engagement with internal organizational stakeholders, interest groups, and the general public. We work with clients to identify key stakeholders and mold our approach to the budget, audience, and required outcomes of the engagement.

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