About Infrastructure Planning

At the start of every project is a great idea.  Cornerstone’s planning experts build on decades of experience applying systems-model thinking and detailed research with a wide variety of organizations to test those great ideas in the real world. We use our proven resource model to build service delivery plans that integrate infrastructure, staffing, equipment, collections and budgets, and build out different scenarios to see what’s feasible.

Throughout the process Cornerstone works with stakeholders at all levels to identify the actual activities that happen within an organization.  We find that by asking “what do you do” instead of “what do you want” we uncover real efficiencies and deliver an infrastructure plan that is built to work, now and over the planning horizon. From development feasibility to business cases, Cornerstone has the analysis expertise and sector experience to evaluate and advise clients on the best way to bring their ideas to life.

Our Services

Facility Programming

Space Utilization

Gap Analysis

Master Plans

Site Section Analysis

Test Fits

Implementation Analysis

Business Cases

Cost Analysis

Post-Occupancy Analysis

Feasibility Study

Needs Assessment

Asset Portfolio Plan

Space Accommodation Strategies

Sustainability Analysis

Our Process With Clients

Each infrastructure planning project is unique, and all of our workplans are built specifically for each engagement. The following steps are indicative of our general approach:

  1. Project Initiation including visioning, project engagement planning, and assumption confirmation.
  2. Requirements Definition through user consultations, data analysis, and benchmarking.
  3. Development and Iteration, the integration of information to date, including feedback loops and co-development workshops.
  4. Delivery, distillation of the work into a graphically beautiful communication piece.

Our Projects

University of Winnipeg Centennial Library

Lions Gate Hospital New Acute Care Facility

Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment

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