About Organizational Planning

Sometimes, uncertainty can feel more overwhelming than opportunity. Our flexible resource modeling and experience supporting unique organizations with a variety of mandates and clientele helps us to create space for opportunity to be rediscovered.

Cornerstone’s planners work in partnership with clients – who know their business best – to design and implement project-specific tools for organizational planning, Through a combination of logic, experience, and curiosity, we create project frameworks that allow organizations to look forward strategically, identify constraints and opportunities, and create meaningful plans built on these discoveries. Our final reports and recommendations can guide organizations to their chosen futures for 5, 10 or 50 years down the road.

Our Services

Strategic Plans

Operations Analysis


Standard & Guidelines

Workplace Assessments

Culture Plans

GIS Mapping

Service Planning

Policy Development

Financial Analysis

Our Process With Clients

Every organization is different; we build our workplans specifically to suit needs. Generally, our approach follows steps such as:

  1. Project Initiation including upfront project planning, and confirmation of key objectives.
  2. Future Definition, consulting with all levels of staff, and the public as needed, to help define the organization’s preferred future and the key success metrics. A series of workshops is a usual part of this stage.
  3. Scenario Development to determine a range of likely futures and how the organization may respond to these futures in order to meet the goals.
  4. Strategic Plan, where analysis and consultation come together to define the required path of the organization into the future, to meet the final goals.

Our Projects

Geographical Names Board of Canada Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025)

Capital Regional District Space Efficiency Project

Engineers And Geoscientists BC Space And Operations Study

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