Cornerstone was retained to plan, direct and implement the First Nations consultation and engagement program for ZED’s wind energy projects.


Zero Emissions Energy Developments (ZED) sought to construct and operate 15-Megawatt (MW) wind power projects in order to supply clean, renewable, greenhouse gas-free power to BC Hydro.  The projects will help meet provincial requirements for clean energy under the B.C. Clean Energy Act.  Cornerstone was engaed to plan, direct and implement their First Nations consultation and engagement program for wind energy projects.


Working directly with the owner, Cornerstone initiated and implemented a comprehensive First Nations consultation approach.  This included meeting with First Nations at the initial stages of the projects, maintaining open and transparent dialogue throughout the project planning phases, and ensuring that opportunities existed for meaningful participation in the projects.  We also facilitated community meetings and traditional use studies.  These consultation efforts allowed ZED to understand the nature of the interests involved and determine how those interests may be reasonably accommodated within the scope of the projects.


Through working closely with the proponent and First Nations, Cornerstone successfully obtained full support for the projects from the communties, facilitated Mutual Benefits Agreements with First Nations, and assisted with completion of required regulatory documentation and certification for the project.

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