Cornerstone worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to engage and collaborate with Cheam First Nation on the Rosedale Bridge Upgrade Project.


B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) completed an upgrade to the Rosedale Bridge overpass located on the Cheam First Nation Reserve, to improve safety and improve the condition of the infrastructure. To do so requires engagement with, and approval from, the Cheam First Nation, to secure access to the overpass, and ensure positive collaboration with the Nation.


Cornerstone worked with the Project Team and Cheam First Nation staff and Council to negotiate funding and access agreements, and develop innovative and collaborative ways of promoting employment, training and contracting opportunities for the Cheam First Nation community members and businesses.

Cornerstone facilitated regular meetings and engagement between the project team and representatives of the Cheam First Nation, to help confirm expectations and desired outcomes, and build a greater understanding of the needs and desires of the Nation. At the same time, we supported MOTI to ensure its contracting requirements and obligations are adhered to, help to develop an access agreement, and design appropriate incentives for potential bidders to encourage employment, training and collaboration with Cheam members and businesses.


We successfully completed access and engagement agreements between MOTI and Cheam First Nation, and ensured Cheam members and businesses had opportunities to work on the project, which was completed in 2018.

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