Port Moody Public Library was anticipating a move to a larger facility in the next 5-10 years, resulting in reduced activity in new library programming, direction, and internal development. Cornerstone was contracted by the Port Moody Public Library to assist the new Library Director develop goals and objectives in the interim that could be carried forward when the library has shifted to new facilities.


Cornerstone held extensive consultation sessions with both library staff and leadership to garner internal perceptions of strategic direction for the library. As well, Cornerstone assisted the library in developing a public survey, achieving over 1,800 community responses.


Using the enormous amount of input from staff, leadership and the public, and working closely with the library director, Cornerstone developed 3 strategic directions with 23 initiatives aligning with the libraries’ mission, vision and values. Cornerstone prioritized all 23 initiatives into short, medium, and long-term actions to assist the Library in achieving these goals.

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