Cornerstone is working with Iskut Valley Health Services (Iskut First Nation) to update their Community Health Plan


The Iskut Valley Health Services (Iskut First Nation) updates and completes a five-year Community Health Plan, as part of its agreement with First Nations Health Authority, and to ensure that its services and programs meet the ongoing needs of the Iskut community.


Cornerstone led the development of a comprehensive and culturally appropriate community engagement strategy, to identify the needs, goals and vision of the community, from its Elders, youth, elected Council and health service professionals. Over the course of several months, Cornerstone facilitated direct community engagement, including focus groups, community meetings and confidential input opportunities. At the same time, we worked with regional and local health and wellness professionals, to provide the linkage between community desires, and pragmatic and mandatory health service delivery.


The result is the completion of a five-year Community Health Plan that lays out the key wellness objectives of the community based on its changing demographic, integrates culturally appropriate healing and wellness methods, and supports the ongoing professional development of IVHS’ nursing and community health staff. The programs and services are designed to continue to reflect the values and vision of the community, while addressing the pressing and oncoming health and wellness needs of this active and vibrant community.

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