Engineers and Geoscientists BC are anticipating significant staff growth throughout the Association. To prepare for the growth they engaged Cornerstone Planning Group to undertake two phases of planning – 20-year space analysis and a workplace structure review.


The analysis included the development of a departmental growth model, engagement with leadership and staff, and design of two accommodation scenarios – one based on the ‘standard’ office and one on an ‘enhanced’ office space. The workplace structure review looked at how the organization currently works and made recommendations for the future. The process to determine a new potential workplace structure included interviews, workshops, presentations and surveys with staff and leadership.


The final deliverables for this project included a comprehensive review, analysis and recommendations on workplace structure, space and operations. The model we developed for estimating the future space impacts as a result of remote working is parametric and can be adjusted as operations evolve.

The Results

The documents and tools that Cornerstone developed are currently being used to guide the implementation of remote working and long term space planning.

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