North Van Cultural PlanContext: The City and District of North Vancouver have long been leaders in municipal support of the arts and cultural sector. In 2002, the City and District adopted the North Vancouver Cultural Plan, a two-part plan that included Goals & Strategies in Phase One, and a Delivery & Management Plan in Phase Two.  In 2012 a renewal of the Cultural Plan was deemed necessary to refocus energy to modern issues and changing community priorities. The Arts Office, a bi-municipal agency representing the arts and culture interests of the City and District of North Vancouver was assigned the responsibility for the planning and execution of the renewed Cultural Plan. Cornerstone was selected to assist the Arts Office in this endeavor.

Approach: The development of the plan included an extensive analysis of current municipal priorities and comprehensive public consultation. A number of creative strategies and actions emerged in collaboration with the Arts Office to achieve stated goals and capture the spirit and momentum of the arts and culture sector in North Vancouver. A targeted communications program was developed to involve creative sector stakeholders, the arts community, and the general public in collaborative discussions regarding aspirations, opportunities and challenges in arts and culture in North Vancouver. The consultation program included a World Café, Town Centre Open Houses, online public survey, communications content and publication design, and supporting communication mechanisms to encourage public participation (webpage updates, E-news).

Results: The new Cultural Plan was adopted to inform the broader planning perspectives of the City and District of North Vancouver over the lifespan of their respective Official Community Plans, and to invigorate and inspire new directions, growth and opportunities for arts and culture in North Vancouver.

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