UBC SubContext: After several years of planning and deliberations, AMS members approved a fee for the construction of a new $110M Student Union Building (SUB) to be built on University Square. This event marked a shift in priorities toward a more student-centred campus core. The implementation process included four key stages – Facility and Functional Planning, Architectural and Engineering Design, Construction, and Move-In. The AMS hired Cornerstone Planning Group to assist with consultation and analysis and to produce a Facility Program report to guide the architectural and engineering design process towards an appropriate concept for the new SUB.

Approach: The intention of the planning process was to make sure that the new SUB could support the mission of the AMS – “to improve the quality of the educational, social, and personal lives of the students of UBC”. The key to achieving this objective was to fully understand the kinds of services, programs, activities, and events to be accommodated in the new SUB and then derive suitable estimates of the amount and kind of space needed to support these functions and how the spaces need be organized to provide a supportive and positive environment. A series of workshops, meetings, displays, and informal surveys were conducted over several months to obtain student views on objectives and priorities. A SUB Project page was set up on the AMS website to keep everyone up to date on the study process and provide opportunities to submit questions and comments.

Results: Cornerstone completed the Facility Program on schedule allowing the project to move forward on schedule.

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