Stuart Lake Hospital RenewalContext: The Stuart Lake Hospital, located in Fort St James, British Columbia provides acute care and residential care (complex care) services to the residents of Fort St James and the surrounding vicinity. In view of the condition of the facility, the anticipated growth in the community, projected shifts in demographics, and anticipated changes in healthcare delivery through to 2040, Northern Health solicited consulting services proposals to undertake a master planning study. The Plan would provide recommendations for short, medium and long term capital infrastructure changes. The Cornerstone team that included architectural, engineering, and costing specialists was selected to carry out the study.

Approach: Given the ambitious timeframe for completing the study, the different parts of the team worked in parallel. The architects and engineering members conducted on-site inspections and prepared an assessment of the existing site and facilities. The functional planning part of the team conducted interviews and helped to establish suitable planning assumptions for future service demand and staffing. A concept level functional program was prepared and used to explore possible development strategies. A consultative process was adopted for reviewing draft material and for making decisions on relative merits of development options.

Results: The final report provided the pros and cons for all options and the rationale for the recommended Plan. In addition to services currently provided at the facility, the plan took into consideration integration of services currently offered elsewhere in the community, in accordance with the NH Primary Care Model initiative.

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