Background:  The Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance (LFFA), which represents 25 First Nations from the mouth of the Fraser River to Yale, developed a five-year Strategic Planning framework, and Strategic Business Plan to identify and achieve its Vision and Mission Statement, and craft specific short, medium and long-term objectives for the organization.

Our Method: Cornerstone designed and facilitated multiple planning sessions with the LFFA’s Executive Committee and community representatives, community members and partners. We conducted direct interviews with members, staff and other professionals, on-line and phone surveys, and research into best practices and models from around the world.

The Results:  The LFFA’s strategic framework was completed in 2011, and is being implemented. In 2015 Cornerstone led the development of the LFFA’s Strategic Business Strategy, focusing on collaboration across the partner Nations, identification and action on economic development opportunities, research and science, and financial stability and sustainability.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan, the LFFA developed a Business Opportunities strategy to maximize benefits from the commercial fishery, and is working through Cornerstone Planning to review and renew the five-year strategic and business plan.

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