Background: The Skwah Band Council initiated a process of developing a community plan in order to determine a long-term approach for community well-being.  Consultation with community members was required to develop consensus on identifying priorities for fulfilling their economic, social, and cultural development visions.  These priorities would then influence how the community needed to organize its infrastructure, housing, and other capital projects.

Our Method: Cornerstone’s process involved working with community groups in identifying and establishing overall goals for community development.  Extensive community input helped to determine and prioritize future planning and development activities within the community.

The Results: Cornerstone prepared an implementation strategy for social, economic and physical development of the community to guide band council’s activities and the formulation of appropriate band by-laws and guidelines.  Based on community input, a framework for moving forward was generated to accomplish goals such as: Economic and Employment Creation; Physical Development; Band Government and Administration; and Social and Cultural Development.

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