Background: The Gitwangak First Nation is working to develop a five-year Community Health Plan, designed to meet the evolving wellness needs of this northern community.

Our Method: Cornerstone is leading community engagement with the community and its supportive partners. The engagement is intended to identify the needs, goals and vision of all community members, and create a detailed and comprehensive strategy for delivering effective and culturally appropriate health support services over the next five years. The process involves identifying the key resources available to the Gitwangak community, identifying the existing and potential strengths and assets, and linking those to the current and emerging health needs of the community. At the same time, we are working with Gitwangak’s partners at the First Nations Health Authority and supportive agencies such as the Northern Health Authority and Health Canada, to find collaborative and creative ways of expanding the current services and programs available to the community.

The Results:  The objective is to complete a five-year Community Health Plan that lays out the key wellness objectives of the community, and provide for the basis of a shift to a more flexible and responsive funding and support arrangement with FNHA. The Health Plan will act as a living document to be reviewed, revised and updated on an ongoing basis, and responding to the changing and evolving needs of the community.

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