2.1Background: Metro Vancouver is targeting 80% diversion of waste from disposal by 2020. One-third of all waste ending up for disposal is organics – so starting in 2015, Metro will ban food waste from disposal at regional facilities.

Our Solution: Cornerstone worked on the design and implementation of a targeted stakeholder consultation program for Metro Vancouver’s new Organics Disposal Ban, which applies to all residential, commercial, and institutional waste generators in the region. Cornerstone helped to design and implement a three-phase stakeholder engagement and consultation program to support the introduction of the ban, focusing on commercial organics recycling. Workshops and online survey’s formed the core of the consultation with restaurants, grocers, health facilities, schools and property managers to assess the challenges and opportunities involved with this initiative.

Results: Tom Sadleir facilitated successful workshops with 125 participants and over 300 online survey responses were completed. Metro Vancouver, considering all input received, adopted an Organics Disposal Ban, implementation strategy in 2014, including materials to be banned, implementation timing, education and enforcement.

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