Bob Sokol is a certified planner (MCIP, RPP and AICP) with over 25 years of professional planning experience working for cities in the Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC metropolitan areas.

Bob has served as the Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits in the District of West Vancouver, BC and the Director of Community Development for the City of Kenmore, WA. In these roles, he organized or restructured the departments to meet budgets and better align available resources with the community needs and expectations through a combination of contracting, selective hiring and reorganization.

Bob has written and amended numerous zoning bylaws, with an eye toward implementation of smart growth principles including parking reductions, downtown revitalization, infill housing, accessory dwelling units and coach houses. He has been the principle author of a number of comprehensive / official community plans, parks plans, and revisions or updates of several downtown plans seeking to revitalize historic community centers. He has managed numerous development reviews including rezoning, plan amendments and design reviews of commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Bob is skilled in developing and implementing community engagement programs for a wide audience by encouraging an open dialogue. He has a strong reputation for establishing collaborative working relationships with elected officials, boards, city staff and community stakeholders to ensure a sense of shared ownership in the decision making process.