4square_mediamonitorThe BC Media Monitor – First Nations Edition is a twice monthly publication that summarizes into one succinct document all of the news and events reported about British Columbia’s First Nations, Rights and Title issues, and Aboriginal Communities.

More than 160 newspapers, journals and websites, including Aboriginal publications, are reviewed for the B.C. Media Monitor production. The Media Monitor provides a concise overview of First Nations events and issues in British Columbia. Each edition is built with diverse interests in mind to keep all of our subscribers informed. Every two weeks, B.C. Media Monitor subscribers receive their copy delivered to them via email.

Take a look at a sample copy, download a PDF here. (Opens in a new browser window.)

A subscription to B.C. Media Monitor – First Nations Editions includes an ‘email-scan’ service for one original source article per issue when requested.

1 year… $699.00 (+ $34.95 GST)
6 months… $405.00 (+ $20.25 GST)

To subscribe, please contact John Kafka here or phone 250.655.9191.